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Welcome to Ease Cushion and that start of your new life.  Please take the time to visit our site to and read our customer’s testimonials to see how Ease Cushion’s power wheelchair cushions can relieve your pressure sores and bed sores.  Ease Cushion is for all power wheelchair bound patients particularly paraplegics and quadriplegics looking for pressure sore relief.  Compare our patient’s quality of life to your own. Watch the videos and read their testimonials.  Contact us today to receive a FREE DVD about our revolutionary power wheelchair cushion.

“Pressure sores are a way of life for people in wheelchairs , get used to it”  Uncle Spine’s column, New Mobility Magazine.

This is simply not true and our customers live’s are living proof

  1. Pressures sores are 100% preventable with our wheel chair cushions and mattresses
  2. We engineer seat cushions and mattresses to create circulation
  3. Pressure sores are caused by lack of circulation
  4. We train doctors to prevent pressure sores

Ask your doctor to prescribe Ease Cushion

Our unique alternating pressure system relieves pressure sores also known as bed sores.  Every single Ease Cushion is custom built to fit the end user and their wheelchair.  We know our products better than anyone else and what makes the Ease Cushion’ s wheelchair cushion is better than any other wheelchair cushion on the market.  Our “Computer Controlled Pressure Management” technology will change your life. This alternating pressure system was invented by us and is available only from Ease Cushion.

The system allows users to be up in their chairs more hours per day while remaining free from pressure sores. We know this because we have personal contact with each of our customers. Our after-sale service is the fastest anywhere. Customers report that relief is immediate. Not only does the Ease Cushion stop skin breakdown, but pressure sores begin to heal… and don’t return.

The Ease Cushion system has the longest run times of any system, anywhere.  A “fail safe” system, it never let’s the user down even if there is a system malfunction.  We also carry the longest factory warranties.  Our products are recommended and used by disabled doctors and nurses. They are approved for funding by the Veterans Administration and many insurance companies.


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