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  • Edward P - Wife Kathryn diagnosed with MS

    "My wife, Kathryn, was diagnosed with MS in 1964, and began using a wheelchair in 1979. By 1990, she had to use it virtually all the time, but was still able to move with enough independence to prevent skin breakdown. By 1998, she was confined to her wheelchair full-time, and that was when we began to notice skin breakdown and pressure sores. We used varieties of techniques to alleviate the problem, including an alternating pressure air mattress in her bed at night, frequent re-seating of her in her wheelchair during the day, and, when pressure sores did occur, a variety of ointments and skin replacement products. But we were also shopping for the best cushion we could find for her chair. One day in the summer of 2000, I was asking advice from a gentleman who sold wheelchairs, and he told me about an Ad that he had run across in a professional products journal. He located the Ad and sent me a copy of it. The Ad was for the EASE cushion. Because the product sounded like exactly what we had been looking for, I called the 800 number. A few days later I received a video which gave us a full understanding of the product, which changes pressure every eight minutes and could be tailor made to fit any wheelchair or scooter. Though the EASE Cushion was expensive, both my wife and I were impressed enough to make the investment. We have never regretted that decision. We simply don't have to worry about pressure sores any longer. We don't understand why the EASE Cushion is not standard equipment for anyone who is constantly confined to a wheelchair. It would save thousands of dollars in medical bills for people plagued by pressure sores. One other point in its favor is the service. Whenever there is a problem, a quick phone call to the company in Paradise, CA, and I get immediate on-phone diagnosis and overnight replacement of faulty or worn-out parts. On a scale of 1 to 10, for anyone looking for a solution to pressure sores, the EASE-Cushion scores a resounding 10."

  • Larry S - switched to EASE from static air/gel cushions

    "I have been using an EASE cushion since I was released from the hospital with a very bad pressure sore that required surgery in 2012. The sore was earned [while] sitting on one of the market-leading "optimized pressure relief" air cushions. What I found out was that the cushion did not provide optimal pressure relief when it had a hole in it that I was unable to discover until I got off the cushion later that night. I started using that particular cushion after developing a very bad sore from one of the market-leading gel cushions. When the 2012 sore healed, I was not given much hope by experts that I would be able to sit for longer than two hours at a time. I am an extremely active person, and that would not do it for me. I searched and searched, and somehow one day EASE cushion showed up in my [Internet] search results. I was very skeptical and asked many questions. When I was assured that it would work for me, I was still skeptical because of what the "experts" said. I weighed all of my options and decided that the gamble was worth the risk, and ordered the top-of-the-line cushion based on the warranty and longer battery life. I will say without hesitation that my purchase was the single greatest thing that I have bought for myself as far as improving my quality of life. If I have ever had any issues with the cushion, and since, like I said, I am very active and get a lot of use out of it...[skilled technicians] take care of things in the timeliest of fashion with barely a second of downtime. I can guarantee you that sitting on an EASE cushion, your butt will be in the greatest of hands."

  • Laura T - C5 Quadriplegic

    "At age 46, my life was turned upside down after being thrown from a horse into a steel fence causing a C-5 fracture and resulting quadriplegia. I was released two months later from the hospital with three pressure sores:  two on my rear end and one of my shoulder blade. Two months later I was back in the hospital for an additional two months due to the pressure sores. They had become infected and were all down to the bone. It was just the beginning because over the next 8 1/2 years, I suffered from 14 additional pressure sores – some all the way down to the bone and others not quite so horrible. It was a constant battle that I was always losing. All anybody in the medical profession told me was to try the Roho 4 inch cushion that was geared towards preventing pressure sores but it certainly did not solve my problem as I had that cushion right away and the entire time. My life was miserable.


    Then one day I was searching on the Internet for a different cushion because I was at my ropes end– I was so tired of the misery and my husband was tired of having anywhere from 1 to 4 pressure sores to take care of every day. I suffered anywhere from 1 to 3 pressure sores on my rear end continually for that first 8 1/2 years. Anyway, I came across the ease cushion while searching on the Internet and I knew immediately that it would be the answer to my problems.


    I was so angry at the medical profession for not telling me that something like this was available! Why didn’t my rehab doctors or therapists tell me that something like this was in existence? So with the help of my family doctor filling out the paperwork and my insurance company, I got my ease cushion about two years ago. When I got it, I had two pressure sores on my rear end and they were basically labeled non-healing wounds because one had been there two years and the other one almost 5 years. And then I got my ease cushion.


    If there is one thing positive to tell about in the 10 1/2 years that I have been a quadriplegic, it is my ease cushion! Not only did the pressure sores heal, my quality-of- life absolutely skyrocketed because I didn't have to worry about tilting and reclining all the time and I wasn't constantly worried about moving every 10 minutes or laying all the way back in my wheelchair. Now I can sit upright like a normal person for however long I want to and never give a thought to my rear end!


    I would recommend the ease cushion to anybody and everybody in a wheelchair, even if they have to save their pennies to buy it privately out of pocket. I think it is an absolute shame that spinal cord injury people, stroke people, multiple sclerosis people, and anyone else in wheelchair should ever have to suffer pressure sores or even the constant worry of moving every 10 or 15 minutes to try to prevent them. I think the medical profession has failed all of us by not knowing about this product and/or by not telling us about it!!! I just want everyone to know how it has changed my life and how absolutely great the ease cushion is! An added plus is the great personal service and the after sale support. I recommend this product from the bottom my heart and I'm so very thankful that I finally found a wonderful solution to very horrible problem."

  • Paul A - 20 years with MS

    "I wanted to tell the readers how important the Ease Cushion has been to me personally. I have struggled with multiple sclerosis for almost 20 years. I'm no longer able to use my arms, hands, or legs. I guess a better way of saying is I am still able to move my neck and speak. I currently serve as principal of a career tech high school. When I got to the stage where I could no longer use my hands or legs, I was still the principal of a Pre-K through 5th grade elementary school. The move to the CTE high school has enabled me to continue working and functioning with various technology assistance. Generally, I am on the cushion for about 14 hours each day. When I first purchased the cushion from Rex, it was in May of 2011, and I was being treated for two pressure sores without much success. I have continually used the cushion in two different chairs, and have not had a pressure sore in almost five years. It was out of desperation that I purchased the first cushion, because the expense was considerably more than I felt conceivable. However, I have kept the extended warranty, and at this time, Rex has replaced two motors and redone the entire cushion to make it comfortable. I have never had the pleasure of working with such wonderful people who always strive to meet the needs. I'm sure many of you can relate to the fact that many people who we are forced to deal with are only concerned with making money. I can assure you I am not a relative or related to anyone working at Ease, however, I do feel like I'm a good friend because they are always so kind and courteous. The purchase of this cushion has made my life much better and [has made] me capable of continuing to work and enjoy my position and privilege working with students."

  • Wayne G - living with ALS

    "I was diagnosed with ALS, and sit at home in a power wheelchair all day long. I am 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weigh 240 pounds. Until [2014], I had tried various types of wheelchair cushions, but could not keep from developing pressure sores. I do not have the muscle strength to shift my body weight around, so the only effective way of controlling soreness was to frequently tilt my wheelchair completely back, which was awkward, tedious, and an unwanted disruption [preventing me] from doing anything else. Then last year, after searching the Internet, I found and purchased [the EASE] alternating pressure cushion with the help of the ALS Society. Using this cushion over the last [few] years has eliminated the threat of pressure sores completely. It works all day long, and so effectively [that] you forget about it even being there. It is surprising how much less stress you have when you can sit comfortably all day."

  • Carroll L - "It has made a huge difference in my life"

    "My name is Carroll Loftin, and I'm currently 70 years old (at time of writing). In 1962, I had a diving accident and suffered a broken neck with an injury at vertebrae C5, C6. It also left me confined to a wheelchair for life. During these 50+ years, I have had substantial problems with pressure sores, mostly from sitting in my wheelchair.


    A few months ago, I came across a product and purchased it (a wheelchair cushion), and as a result, my pressure areas have diminished to almost nonexistence. Having had this most appreciated result, I would like to pass this information to others who are confined to a wheelchair or have a knowledge of a wheelchair-bound person. Im not selling anything, just providing information.


    The cushion is the Ease wheelchair cushion This product can change someone's life for the better. The one that I'm sitting on cost me $2500, but it is well worth it as this cushion could have prevented my pressure sores and eliminated my need for several very expensive and painful surgeries."


    "If you have more questions for me, my email address is below.

    carnan2@tds.net "

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