Stage One is a compact and portable overlay cushion designed to combat discomfort and create movement under the user. Stage One overlay cushions are meant to work with any seat, whether it be your wheelchair cushion or plush recliner, by using your existing seat as a base, and adding our patented alternating pressure technology on top. This works well if you frequently switch seats, or need a more affordable solution that still delivers the effectiveness of an active pressure-relieving system without the bulk or price. In addition, Stage One overlay cushions can be made to nearly any size needed, making it a great comfort companion for wherever you put your posterior!

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Ease Alternating Pressure Seat Cushion products are designed to increase seating comfort and promote movement with its "alternating pressure" capabilities. This product is not designed to diagnose or treat any medical condition, and has not been tested by the FDA. Testimonials on this site are actual customers' experiences, in their own words, and are used with permission. Your results may vary.

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